Space Ship Aisle Bitmap in Swift :)

I am trying to make the look of a spaceship aisle in Swift, It should look like black tarmac with many holes in it. I’ll try making something in Photoshop, but i don’t think it is going to work, i’ll post it up when i’m done, because i am have never worked with texturing before, and this is going to be pure luck if i get it. Just wondering if anyone was able to help out with this if i need it. Thanks:bounce:

Something like this?

:beam: That’s Great Ironikart! That is exactly what i imagined it would look like! Do you think i can use that? It looks great!

Here’s what i got with your bitmap… :bounce:

Very nice catwalk thingy cybergold! Are you making a whole spaceship or just that interior?

For now i’m just sticking with the interior. It’s part of a Swift movie i’m finishing up.:slight_smile:

Nice, keep me posted! :slight_smile:


yeah man cant wait to see it when done! that looks great!

Thanks for the comments :bounce:

Is there a way i can select lights from a list? kind of like the heirarchy list?

nope not that I know of …I just use a real descriptive naming convention…Then select them using the trackball thingy…The heirarchy thing is cool but the do need to expand its functionality.

Yeah, hope they can get it fixed in V4. I got a lot of free spot lights and it’s hard to click them, but i think i can manage for now :smirk:

I decided to use the last one as an Elevator, here’s what i got for the hallway, half done…

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**:thumb: **

maybe its just me, but whenever i see this… it looks like the middle finger… heh, kinda amusing

That looks pretty nice! The texture is free from another website so you can use it wherever you want.

Thanks, It is a really nice texture C:-) Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Just a little bit more left…

needs another light to simulate ambient. It’ll help it look more realistic (light reflects off surfaces and illuminates other surfaces).

still that looks pretty good!