Swift 3D V4; Updates via New Erain Blog

Erain now has its own [url=“http://www.erain.com/blog/”]blog from which it will release updates about its soon to be released update to its [url=“http://www.swift3d.com”]Swift 3D animation tool.

At this point in time, there are only 2 posts with little to nothing in terms of new information about V4. So far, about the only thing new mentioned was the “Advanced Modeler” which, if you had been keeping up with Swift 3D, is a feature that has been known about for some time now.

Expect more updates soon. Swift 3D V4 is supposed to be release in “early June.”

Swift 3D is now officially available!*

It costs $189 US to buy and $89 US for the upgrade.

To go with the launch, erain.com has also been completely redesigned (to the look of the [url=“http://www.erain.com/blog/”]blog providing updates if you’ve been keeping up).


[size=1]* Downloads available now, boxed versions for purchase as pre-order, Windows only, Mac version to be released in September[/size]

WOOHOO!! I can’t wait to try it!! :smiley:
When I can scrounge up enough money that is hehe.

A feature list for the Advanced modeling is also available (FlashPaper as well)

I had never seen Flashpaper that’s totally coold… five times as good as friggin acrobat reader !!!

yeah flash paper is sweet think it comes with contribute…Its still in beta I wonder if it is shipping or pre-order.

im supposed to get a free copy of v4…hrm i forget where i login to my account D=

edit: i logged in but i cant find where to get my free versino of 4 D= :td:

they will send you a email.

ehs, i emailed them, same thing = D

now for the nice dl on dialup sigh

ahhhhhh now it says it cant read the setup file…grrrrrrr

So I got my v4 today. Came in a cool tin box (erain has always done well with presentation in their packaging) and a quick and easy install of v4. The first thing I noticed is the improved navigation in perspective view. OH LORD does that make me happy! The hardware accelleration is also a treat along with the much needed advanced modeler (which would have been a pain in the tookus had not been for the improved navigation).

Overall, its not a super jump in advancement, but its well deserved and enough to keep me from ever using 3 again (unlike Flash MX 2004).

Sen you lucky bas-…:bad:

I’m still using v3 - yesterday I was modelling this gun, I accidentally moved the trigger and I couldnt find it anymore!


Yes v4 is a very good improvement. There are still those very irritating things, that you will find out very soon. But its all good. Unfortuantely I have discovered Silo and cannot seem to put it down. I was on the beta team…I thought I would get me shipped copy b4 everyone else…grrrr :bad: