This is probably one of the more interesting things to come out for UI development in quite some time. I haven’t played with it outside of reading some tutorials and watching some videos!


What aspects or abilities are you most impressed with?

Side note: This was a little amusing “The preview updates immediately” followed by loud applause from the crowd? In 2019 people get this excited like preview updates are new or uncommon in development?

Until the video vanished. :roll_eyes:

The simplicity with which you can define the UI. Very few frameworks make defining the UI simple. The closest is Microsoft with XAML.

I feel there are many deliveries emerging for this very purpose of easily defining UI to code. But it gets old when in todays marketing approach when every little thing is made to seem so advanced and ground breaking.

The other part is also how well everything is documented: https://developer.apple.com/tutorials/swiftui/creating-and-combining-views

The SwiftUI documentation is probably one of the best of any major language or framework. It’s not surprising at all given that @krilnon and team were behind it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in no way speaking against Swift its an awesome language, but rather speaking in general terms of the industry.

Cool I never knew that.

I totally hear you about the buzzwords around making it easy to build UI that everyone seems to be adopting. The reason why I am more optimistic about SwiftUI is that they control the language, platform, and the tools. That gives them greater flexibility in being more design/developer friendly than something that comes from someone that doesn’t control all three layers. What SwiftUI is doing is more like Flash/Flex than something more disjointed like you might see with Android Studio.

What role does @krilnon play in it all?

Thats true concerning full circle control, Apple has always been good with that even sometimes down to a fault. Maybe a little ironic with the comparison given Apple was prominent in the demise of Flash. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I remember there was even a book out for Actionscript people transitioning to Swift.