The Help Colin Choose a Domain Name Thread!

I need to choose a domain name, but I have limited options. Its my personal site to showcase some of my stuff, I’m not looking for client’s rather my little space on the net. Here are some example possibilities: (a tad long, no?) <---- was leaning towards this one the other night.

REALLY good possibilities that are out of the question:

www.colincampbell.(anything) Almost everything is taken for that domain, other than the really obscure extensions
www.colin-campbell.(anything) See above.

Is good? I honestly don’t really like it that much and am out of ideas. Any creative solutions are welcome :slight_smile:

ok ya gotta have a .com. Why not pick one more exciting no offense. I mean there are like a million site with pretty much the same name, why not stand out. If i had to pick, it would be colinmedia :slight_smile:

ccdesign sounds cool…

I think colinmedia is good, it has a nice ring to it… but trust me, don’t get a name you don’t want… you will forever be locked in a state of unsatisfaction… or at least while you are using that name.

What about… uhhhh… :smiley:

hahaha, funny you mention that lost :wink: I was set on that a loooooong time ago when I was a “n00b”

I think I might go with, nothings sparked yet, and I don’t think anything will.

wants to go and beat up the real estate agent who owns

why does everything have to be media? studios?..

…Don’t get me wrong I have but I also have my just… and many more domains.

Why no

If it’s jsut a personal showcase choose a personal name. I see too many 1 person studios and media companies these days.

You know, I had to think long and hard on my name… took me probably like 2 years of name mutation before it developed into lostinbeta… but when it hit that… it clicked and I knew I had to keep it.

Moral: nothing may spark for you now, but you have to keep at it to find something that does spark otherwise you are just going to be unsatisfied with the name you choose and you will keep racking your brain on what to change it to.

I agree with lost. is a very cool idea.

lostinbeta is a very cool name btw.

Don’t get me wrong Ethan, I’m NOT choosing a <insertname> name, no way. I always laugh at the really bad sites that have studios in their name, its just, I have limited options due to:

a) A relatively common first name
b) A common last name

The combination of the two is pure hell. I think this is one of the things where I need to get away from using my name and maybe finding a different name altogether.

edit: I think I’ll go read some good old Jack Handy quotes and find some cool words/phrases

I use this often when brainstorming domain ideas. Just put in a word or two that you like and let it spin.

omg omg! get! it’ll sound so kool when you say it “c c dot c c” =)

I often use to help figure out random domain names.

@Ethan: Thanks :love:

just to throw more thought into the fire on the name thing, it took me more than 9 months of dissatisfaction to come up with unflux. beleive it or not, I had used 4 other names in that span, because i wasn’t happy with any of them. What I did in the end was browse expired domain lists and whois lists like ethan suggested, and I also made handwritten lists of words and terms I liked. sometimes, writing them out will help you determine. My experience with domains/identities is very much like lostinbeta’s and ethan’s. evolution is where it’s at.

personally, out of the few you listed so far, is catchy and unique, and I also like colinmedia seems to be more professional minded though. You never know where one of them may turn you though.

Thanks a lot guys. I think I’ll sleep on and and see which one sounds good when I’m really sleepy in the morning. :slight_smile:

Suggestions are still welcome, this is going to be ongoing of course

edit: 1500th post. I’d like to thank my mom and my dad for this wonderful opportunity, God for blessing me with this wonderful forum, and you guys, the fans, because without you this wouldn’t be possible! :cons:

I like colinmedia :slight_smile: Sounds pretty cool!

I agree, colinmedia[dot]com sounds good, however, does [name]media mean that you can do other things beside web design? Not specialize in one thing.

Well, I map for Halo and FarCry, model in 3Ds Max, do some Halo videos in Windows MovieMaker ( :beam: ) and do some web design too… so I’m doing a lot more than strictly web design, thats for sure.

I think you should get…

Too many domains with the word media just like Ethan said. Something original. Maybe something like