The Movie : 28 Days Later


As you might of known, I’ve been vacationing in the beutiful state of Florida! And while sitting in the Hilton hotel with my cousin, we decided to buy some movies… 4 movies to be exact. And our last movie, we saw at around 1 AM, was “28 Days Later”. Now, after watching this movie at 1 am, I pretty much pissed my pants.
This movie, is so scary, so awsome, so ridiculous, I love it. That movie is by far, the best of the best, motion picture film ever.
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not a huge fan of horror movies, and so when I ordered it, I was like “Ah what the heck, why not”. And well, that movie really gave me a whole another perspective on the horror genre.
Now, one of my most favorite characteristics of the film, is in the begining, and through out the film, it seems the director used a lower-quality camera. This definetly added a dramastic effect to the scene.
What do you guys think of it? Or what other horror movies have you seen that are good.
(I was actually thinking about buying “Cabin Fever”, but looked “cheesy”) thx +_+