This is plain Insane!

I just came accross this…
that appears to be a new law in U.K

you think you can be a dj / broadcaster ?!

get your license first:

lol. this is f***ing rediculus.

If you are a record company and your tracks are broadcast on the radio or played in public, you need to become a PPL member to ensure you receive any airplay royalties that may be owed to you.

Although it sounds nice but it didn’t interest me much. Will give it a better walk through when this beer gets off of me.

Thanks a million for the info though. People like me always need that kinda info. :slight_smile:

does that include indie musicians who just post music on the internet?

It should, but then again, all of it seems like a scam to me somehow.

I mean, if a person/orgranisation says that an unknown musician should be paid just for posting on the internet or broadcasting it on the radio in some show where they try to find new talent or somethin, the world would literally go bankrupt!!!

I mean, there are just swarms and swarms of people who just mooch a coupla loops from here and there and keep posting worthless crap on the net all the time. Many of them even get to radio stations somehow. What if they started to get paid in royalties?

It’s not financially possible and thereby I suspect of the whole thing to be nothing but scam.

Many sites like SoundClick, ACIDplanet will accept uploads from any Tom, Dick and Harry from anywhere in the world.

But there are some serious sites, where if you’re music is crap, it WILL be called crap and rejected from being added to the site’s portfolio.

Now these “serious” companies cannot be claimed to pay up even if you have uploaded 100 songs per day over there.

So, I still don’t find a reason why that link is about some sorta serious movement starting off waiting for a spark.