Time sure does fly!

While doing some cleanup, I stumbled upon one of the first posts I made on the new forums when testing out the site/forum integration:

It is from November 2014! It feels like only a few (three?) years ago that we switched from vBulletin to the current Discourse setup :timer_clock:

It sure does! Not only can I not find a good hat anymore but apparently my choice of hat is now called a dad hat. Furious

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No kidding! It always feels weird when you measure things in percent of your life, like: 17% of my life ago, I wrote some Ruby scripts to help move from vB to Discourse. And I can still remember some of the trade-offs I made, and why they might or might not matter over time.

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Eww, I don’t like that. I’ve never done that before and of course now I’ll be doing it all the time :upside_down_face:

I started measuring time in that way about four years ago when I started wondering why time seems to move much quicker now than when it did when I was younger :baby_chick:

You get used to it haha.