Tribute 2 the forum, PS image

Fiddled around in photoshop and ended with this

Tell me what ya’ll think…

That is great eilsoe! You have much talent with Photoshop=)

How did you do that great green liquid effect. The colors are amazing. How did you do this I must know. Is there a tutorial some where that you played with or did you just sit down and see what happended? Amazing looks Great

Actually, my secret is a tutorial i downloaded a million yeras ago, I just never tried it because it scared me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The tutorial is nearly impossible to do, because the author doesn’t tell you how to make the starting blob…

But i tried to make something in 3dsmax, and worked from there, and this is how it turned out…

So the colors and the blobs where made in 3DSM.:*( I don’t have a copy so I guess I’m cursed to Photoshop. Oh well. Do you Know any good PS tutorial sites that I might not have found yet?

No the colors and all where made in photoshop, what I started with in 3dsmax was just a blob…

well, just search for photoshop tutorials on altavista, that’s how i started out…

Sintax321: Here’s the blobs I started with, these were made in 3dsmax4, then imported to photoshop and tampered with for about an hour…

feel free to use these as u like, just don’t pass’em on as your own work… Although i don’t think you would.

Eilsoe - save some of that inspiration for the game.

sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

sometimes i get carried away… :slight_smile:

Hey, you should put that in the wallpaper section, it’s nice (game is advancing by the way :))

pom :slight_smile:

there’s a wallpaper section??


Thanks Pom, but I’m having a bit of a time grouping these designers

haha, flex, i think pom is talking about my game (project)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Now where’s that wallpaper section…?

Oh. What game project?

Kirupa has a hidden Inspirtation section on his site. You can find the wallpapers page here…

It’s for Filter Queen Danmark A/S… my dad and I, plus one of his friends have been working on for some months now, now our client wants a pacman style game too…

Ilyas is doing me a favor by coding it… :slight_smile: I’m doing all the designing and graphic work.

You can ask him if you want in too, w’re gonna need that tile engine thingy, you saw yourself how the game lagged…

Anyone who helps wil get their name in the credits on of course…

There’s a tile based pac man fla on my site - check it out.

love your posted imgae
excellent work!

an don worry im workin on some bg and hero stuff for the game as well


hey, how do i add to the wallpaper section? I just got redirected to the forum… :-\

Oh, and btw, got a new pic here:

Not as advanced as the previous, but still nice… :slight_smile:

i make rain now… HA!