UFOs do exist…maybe!


I am looking forward to seeing X-Files: The Reality Show edition :sunglasses:

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I’m fascinated with these new public discussions. :thinking:

I saw something with a friend very similar (to one of these military stories) in the sky one night about 30+ years ago. What transpired in the sky made no logical sense to either of us, and still does not to me.

Hopefully the globe is not getting inoculated instead for some unaware reasons. :joy:



It seems as if the 4 dimensional creatures are using unity default 3d shapes as their projection

I can’t help following this story because it’s so fun, but my instinct says this is just as dumb as it’s always been. Anyone following this have any logical explanations?

My first thought was chinese spy drones and how stupid USA looks screaming aliens. As far as explaining the supposed physics defying maneuvers, could radar jamming/interfering/hacking also explain this?

A next gen drone combined with sensor altering in some way seems plausible when comparing aliens as the alternative

However…if we were the aliens doing this to a lesser species, this is exactly what we do so…

I enter our placement of robot monkeys in the jungle as exhibit A