Uuuhh... (?)

I dunno what to make of this…


Yeah, I remember this occurring last year. There’s a lot of crop circles that happen round that part of England for some reason. It’s near (ish) Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge… :o

I just find the actual image of an alien IN a cropcircle kinda… err… questionable…

not that it’s not possible, but still…

I’m not convinced yet…

I agree with eilose, I am not totally convinced that is real - mostly because of the image involved. I do on the other hand believe that some crop circles are creations of people from another planet, there is just so many “unanswered” questions about them. Not to metion all the sightings, various video proof, investigations I have watched on TV and the fact that I do not belive 75% of what the government tells us :slight_smile:

Plus, havent you guys seen the movie Signs? Duh!!?? Oh course they are real!!:eye:

Hehe true, but for some reason this could be one of those BigFoot-like hoaxes. People believed BigFoot existed because of a famous footage. At least they believed until the guy who wore the costume died recently, and his family disclosed that the “BigFoot” was nothing more than the recently deceased relative who wore the costume to make the myth believable :wink:

In about 30 years, we’ll find out that some guy has a machine capable of creating crop circles, puts it up on ebay, someone buys it…gotta love it when capitalism and conspiracy collide - A Phillian dream come true.

Kirupa :rambo:

hey - did you hear that sound Kirupa? Yah, that was the sound of my dreams being crushed.

:slight_smile: Damnit there are aliens!!

I watched too many shows on that crop circle thing. There was one where people at night with giant push rollers were going around in gasp circles.

Whether it is a fake or not, the crop circles are quite cool for their geometric designs. I can barely come up with cool circular designs in Flash - much less on a wide, open field in the cover of darkness.

Alex, not to dash all your dreams, leprechauns do exist - I caught one, but he bit me :frowning: They aren’t as friendly as the nice commercials make them out to be.

Kirupa <:}

I know what you mean about the leprechauns big K - they dont really like to show you the gold - they would prefer to eat your insides instead (dont ask - it’s a scary story ;))

And Phil - you mean to tell me that you dont think there is any life on any other planet out there? That is kind of “pompus” in our beliefs to think that we are the only living things in this infinate space… I just dont think it’s true.

Wether it’s true about the Crop Circles or not - I refuse to think that we are the only living, breathing speices in space.

He was pullin’ yer leg SS :stuck_out_tongue:

- “…They are real…”

Hehe like my smiley? ( add it kirupa…ahh go on :beam: )

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*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
There is not life out there anywhere SS, no where…~ Sorry to burst your bubble. :slight_smile:
Don’t be so sure :beam:

And soul, that’s a very nice smiley :slight_smile:


if that was made by people there had to be atleast 30 of them. that also probally took alot of planning.:stuck_out_tongue:

We are definately not alone! But believing aliens messin’ with crop is a different thing!
The most wierd crop-thingy is the one with the alien portrait on it!
That one raises some suspicion! Some dudes are just trying to mess wid us!
hey what about stonehenge? And the pyramids?
I know a book where it is said that the pyramids cannot be built even with the texhnology we have nowadays! How the heck did people make 'em in the year… err… I’m not good at history! …2000 BC? or was it 5000 BC? no it was 3000BC…
dunno… =)

The ancient egyptians performed brain-surgery, so I believe they could build a pyramid… no sweat… just a lot of slaves… :stuck_out_tongue:

I built the pyramids I’ll have you know…

I’m sick of the bloody egyptions taking credit for my work, I knew building it there was a mistake…

walks off mumbling something

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Yah, I am not too sure if Phil was kidding or not :slight_smile: I want trying to be a jerk or anything. Just stating that I dont think we are the only ones out there ya know… too many unexplained things for sure.

And I believe you made the crop-stuff too yeh?
aliens - They are like sheep! They are going to take over!

Ahh I have a fan, at last someone recognises my work! Thanks Syko! Yeh I make the crop circles too, I prefer to call them ‘Crop-Art’ though…

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I didn’t have to [SIZE=1]cough[/SIZE] go to school to…[SIZE=1]cough[/SIZE]…day!
I am [SIZE=1]cough[/SIZE] SICK!
I think for a while I can lay low and be a sicko and when I get better I’ll become a psycho again!