How’s it coming? I know it is only Tuesday - anyone started?

Let me know.


sup yall!! hows it all going?

pfft ironik. not a masterpiece, anything more than a textured poly sphere will be good…hehe :wink:

I’m on vacation right now in the South of France (eyez - in Faience), but I’m only back the 16th of July. That would mean that I can’t really upload it or I’d need to send it to someone on IM. Yeah in fact, that would be the best way. I’ve got IM here on the hotel’s computers.

I haven’t forgotten about the battle, in fact, I’m a bit nervous that I’ll forget to work on it.

Faience? Is that a city? Never heard of it :-/ Anyway, if you move up to Paris, warn me, I’d be glad to drink a few beers with you :slight_smile:

Yeah it should be a city or a region. It’s possible that we pass through Paris, we’re moving up as we go. First we went to Milan, then to Venice (very beatiful city) and now we’re in France and going up the country.
And if not, I could still pay you a visit after I get back, it’s not that far from Belgium anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to show you guys the photos we took, they’re quite nice as are the hotels we’re staying. Right now I’m at the Four Seasons Resort in Terre Blanche, Provence.

I am working on a few things in the bgrd. BUt I am with Ironik it wont be a masterpiece. Actually since I am a reserve ya’ll probably wont see mine anyway…lol

I thought I’d post my progress so far. I’ve tried to keep it simple so I can finish it in time. Modelling is complete, UV unwrapping is complete. I still need to texture, rig and render… :frowning:

I wish I could say it was my finest effort, but time is against me. Let me know what you guys think so far? I don’t know that it will be enough to win… I’m not sure how skilled the BB guys are.

that is awesome man…would love to see the concept drawing for this one. But I can wait. I think this will be a winner.

hehe thanks, I’ll scan the concept drawing in… but it’ll only disappoint. I scribbled in the back of my notepad. The original concept was for a 4 armed juggernaught boxer robot, but it turned out to be a little too complex to finish in 2 weeks.

nah thats sweet dude, get the texture right and rig to a nice pose ( you need to animate?) then that should be a touch entry.

I can’t find the link… I wanna see! :frowning:

Bad news this morning… I’m not going to be able to finish this. I’ve been given a deadline for a website I’ve been working on and still got way to much to do.

DDD: can you take up the gauntlet with this one? I can email you the model already unwrapped. Or I can send a *.3ds format one if you want to import it into lightwave. If not, then that render up there will have to do. :frowning:

:(…aaaawwww man. Yeah send me what you got. I just scrapped the one I was working on yesterday too…If you can send me your concept sketch I will see what I can do to stay true to your creation. When is the deadline again? It is going to be a struggle for me too.

check your pm

Bad news gents. I have to go out of town, so I am not going to be able to finish neither mine nor Ironik’s model by the deadline. sorry folks. If it was a little more notice I would have had a better chance.

Cries uncontrollably

I understand DDD :slight_smile:

who else is listed that can do the model? if not, just throw a texture what you have and send it through. (render out a quick hdr if possible)

I need to hear from the 3D guys - you’ve been given an update - also everyone else - how far along are we?

Really need to hear from everyone - I know that at least 2 are finished.

Sorry, I’m still not able to finish the model, even with an extension. You can use that render in a previous post. I handed the model to DDD, but I think he indicated to me that he might not be able to get it done either… :frowning:

I am working on clearing my schedule I may be able to mix it in with an upcoming project. Kill 2 birds with one stone. A character for a short animation and for the contest. I will let you know in the AM.

I won’t be starting until Friday-Monday.

Waiting for my replacement laptop to be shipped back

Pretty much I bought a 17" Laptop with top of the line Upgrades:

P4 3.2GHz
1+ GB DDR SDRAM (2 x 512MB Sticks)
5400 RPM 80 GB HD
54g Broadcom 802.11b/g Wireless LAN
2x DVD+RW/R & CD-RW Combo Drive
128 MB NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5700

I’m sure there are much better laptop upgrades available, but at the time I had it created that was the best I could go. It took 2 weeks to ship to me and be built by them. I had it for 3 months until the backlight went out on the monitor. Brought it to a local shop to be diagnosed. 2 days later they tell me I need to have it sent back and replaced. It has been 3 weeks since I sent it in and I just called and they said it will arrive either Friday or Monday.

In other words I’ve payed over $2,500 for something I have only had in my hands for 3 weeks out of the 2 months I’ve owned it.

Sort of depressing. I could use my home PC for the battle, but after using the laptop I really don’t care to downgrade.

So if the timeframe is stressed I would suggest finding a fill in.

I didn’t even know I was re-selected for the flash into until about 2 days ago.

I’ll still do it, just need about 5 days from the time I receive the laptop.

So, what should we do kirupsters?