Well if it makes us all feel better, I think BB is having delays also according to blinking8s :slight_smile:

Yes I believe the deadlines been pushed back roughly 1 week, couldn’t tell you for certain.

I am involved in a 3d project that requires me to use a diffeent set of tools, so my model may require a little more time. But not much more. This model is going to pull double duty, character for a short and contest :beam: that is if Ironik does not step back in.

The deadline is too tight indeed. I’ve been on vacation right from the start of the battle time until 4 days after the deadline, so I’m sorry but I just couldn’t get it ready on time. Though I should have foreseen that before I accepted to participate in this battle. So so sorry guys, we just need more time. Think about it: 2 weeks is a little short to fit for people of two different forums don’t you think ?

see the other thread - there is an extension on top of the extension - so we are looking at another week on top of the one granted - if not more - everyone is in the same boat -

3d guys - when if you could, do you think you can have it done by? right now it’s looking like with the extensions we have to the end of July…

what do you all say?

Sorry, saw this thread before the other one :blush:

its cool :slight_smile: :love: