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Come on, Upu ! You’re not doing your job right ! There are lots of very interesting posts you’re leaving !! Hurry, cos they start to disappear !
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Ya. What he said. Hop to it now!


Listen weenies. :lol: , why don’t you request moderator status and then YOU can do some [email protected]%ing work around here… not that I don’t appreciate all the help you guys give in the question and answer department, cause I really do…but it would be very helpful having a few more people on the “best of Kirupa” project. I’m sure kirupa would have no problem making you guys mods, considering how much help you do give.


Or we could give you links. That’s for sure. And weenies ? What’s that (not in my dictionnary) ?
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Me and Pom are to shy and withdrawn to just come out and ask for moderator status; We discussed this together 3 weeks ago. We have been waiting for a phormal invitation. Can we call people weenies too if we get mod status? And just what is a weenie anyways? Not in my dictionary.


if kirupa keeps letting users become mods, then everyone will become mods in the long run. i’ve been mod for a while now, and honestly, i never abuse nor use my privileges that much. you get to edit other people’s posts (which i use to my advantage…hehehehe), but then it mentions you edited it on the bottom :frowning:
being a mod for a vBulletin is pretty cool: there are actually several levels of mod-ship. the “supermod” can do anything…

What status Mod would me and Pom have to have to be able to edit Uppys posts? And whats a weenie? Is this a Mod expression? Inquiring minds want to know…


between = tween = ween = weenie

…but I’m not 100% sure on that.


DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING!!! much like most of the words that go around here. weeny is just a manipulation of words to make it sound like it would be used to make fun o’ somebody. just like “you big meany”.

lol… I was just trying to use a word where by you would KNOW that I was joking, rather than calling you a [email protected]#$ing [email protected]# for even questioning me and my time… :slight_smile:

As for mod status, if you never ask, you’ll never get it… as for responsability, though I know you’re a joker, I am under the impression that you would not really alter people’s posts, mine included. It is one thing that I do not tollerate at all. First sign of someone doing anything other than removing my sig, even in jest, and I leave…that’s a policy I have at every board that I attend. I would not have suggested you petition for mod status unless I thought that this was beyond you.

So, ask Kirupa, if you get mod status, be good, or no one will get any help from me anymore.

Really, I’m glad you said that, but I never wanted to edit anyone’s post, except maybe those people who say “hey, I have a problem, by button doesn’t work. Why ?”.
Anyway, as Dan said, I’m still (“half” did he write :smiley: ) new here. Maybe when I make it to 1500 posts…
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Well I don’t think that the number of posts should relate. The helpfulness level is what counts and you both are pretty helpful. I would say that you deserve it, and I’m sure that Kirupa would agree.

Moderator status is for people who wish to help, and you’ve proven that you wish to help.

I don’t think being a mod will make me help more people than not being a mod. When I reach 1500 posts, I’ll harrass Kirupa to make him give me the moderatornessshiphood.
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It’s a moderatornessknighthood, silly phrenchboy!


I told you before that my speakingness ablehoods were very limited because of my Phrenchmanship, Phil…

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You mean ‘speaking abilities’ right Pommy?


Ohh… Right. Sorry about that. Phrenchhood I told you, nothing I can do about that…
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hey, upu, i hope you didn’t feel offended by me saying you can change people’s posts. so far i’ve only changed dan’s posts every now and then to make him sound homosexual, however i, of course, do so jokingly. he changes mine, then i change his, it’s a cycle that goes on every now and then. i don’t and will never change anyone’s (serious) post. if it’s offensive in any way shape or form, it will get changed or even deleted. so there’s my 2 cents.

There are already plenty of mods out here. Pom, keep posting; you’ll be a mod in no time! :slight_smile:

According to my calculation, ie if I keep my post rate above 20 a day, I should reach 1500 in less than a month (I count weekends double…). Moderatorhoodshipness, here I come !!
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