Ok - most of this is finished now the content just has to go in and a few pictures like the one on ‘where are we’ - but this is essentially it.

What do we think?


and how long does it take to load on your various connections?

I posted this a few days ago and it was roundly ignored - I was crushed as you can imagine. I’ve finally managed to stop abusing myself and have been polishing UrbanScrawl to a Karate Kid shine.

There are a few specific things I’m not too sure off and would like your esteemed advice on:

  • Should the feet of the breakdancer come over the lines as they do incredibly briefly on loading - I had thought it looked good but - not sure.

  • How fast does it all load - at what point does the big wurring noise stop?

  • Should the text slide up as it does - I couldn’t mask a box direct so I’ve embedded it whilst it slides in. But I’m not sure the transition is convincing. So what to do with the text - have it from the beginning, can’t really - have a few lines going up and down on it until one of the buttons activates the scrollbar - I dunno

  • Do I really want the other text to gibber along like that?

I checked out you site 2day,

It loads quick and is really simple to navigate. I think when you get the content in the portfolio it will look cool.
Thats the only issue when you put lot of graphics in it may make the site heavy, but you could just put a preloader on every image or something, im shure youve already figured out what your going to do.

The swirling noise stopped in time with thw animation stoppping if thats any help.

a guy who used to work with me used to do a lot of graffiti style work, in flash actually, he used to draw free hand caractures etc then, scan them and trace them in flash, they looked wicked.

il try to find some if I can.

nice work.

Definitely do that - or put me in touch with him.

I am very aware that at the moment the site doesn’t really look very graf. This was originally a deliberate decision because I wanted it to look funky but businesslike - I think now it could just do with a little injection of grafitti flare.

When the photos load in separate windows - don’t they load then? Would it help if I loaded them as external swf’s? I’m about to go looking for pop-up window tutorials now, any suggestions?

If you are going to do thumbnails in the portfoilio and then have the full picture when you click you could just take the easy route like I did. Just make a thumbnails in photoshop and put then in your swf(or you could load them all from a separet swf). then when you click on the thumbnail in flash just use a geturl and link directly to the large jpg. IE will open it in a browser window or you can fancy it up and put your large images in a HTML page with some fancey boarder graphics and link to that page. There no preloaders to build and your file size will stary down. This is just one suggestion though and there are so many ways to do it.

By the way I already told you that your site kicks ass so keep on flashing good buddy.=)