Vote for Requiem Skateboard deck graphic!

Hey everyone, we are trying to decide which skateboard graphic we should release next. Go here and vote your opinions please!

Also while you are there, check out the entire message board. I redid all of the buttons. Everything is finished (except the smilies). Let me know what you think!


lovin it. espeally cause i mod! :P! haha! i love it. the buttons look great and i feel higher than ever! and i dont use drugs.

Thanks mike! I appreciate it. Keep the votes coming!

We need more votes! There are 44 views on my forums, and only 4 votes!! I’m going to advertise to other places as well, just thought I would let you all see my work first.

Phil: I’m still working on it! Thanks for letting me know about the jump menu.

Did you actually click a vote? or did you just type it in? Either way i’ll count it…just wondering what you mean.

Grom means a beginner skateboarder.

The Jumpbox worked fine for me…what did it do for you?

I think the second one (grey) looks the best. I like the text and vector look to it. I guess they all look vector, but whatever! The first one is also cool, if it was grey I would have voted for it!

By the way, good job on the forums!