Do any you have or know of someone who could help me get a cheap wacom tablet? mine is broken and i dont have any $$$ to buy a new one.

in what way is it broken?

I believe in the broken way. Acutally, I’m looking for one too, so do you know of anyone who has 2 for sale? and cheap?!

not off the top of my head. I’ll look around though.


bought mine from them… and got a free graphire so if my intuous 2 goes down i can always use the graphire. its a good investment… try calling wacom for a possible warranty fix? i dunno… sorry man =[

Also, take a look on Ebay. I saw MANY wacom 4/5 tablets for pretty reasonable prices.

Upu, while I have you here, i have a few questions about your b-ball game. Do you have AIM it would be easier to communicate? if not I’ll just opst my questions here in a few minutes.

My AIM name is JubbaORF just in case.

Ok here’s my question(s)…

in the code on the ball you have bottomEdge, leftEdge, and rightEdge. Did you define these? or are they just known by Flash to be the edges of the MC? actually i think right now thats my only question. i’ll get back to you.

NM Upu, i see it now that i actually look at the code. I’m retarded i swear. but I have a new question.

Whats the significance of trip you have:

trip = false;

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (trip == false) {
xVelocity -= _root.thrust;
yVelocity -= _root.loft;
trip = true;

i can’t figure out why its there…

I think that’s my linchpin to hold the ball in place until the button is pressed.

try here wacomdirect.wacom.com/wac…ku=UGD1212

Jeez! When did Wacom tablets become so expensive?

I had one for my mac like seven years ago and it wasn’t nearly that much money.

What is the preferred size you guys like to use? I would guess maybe 12 x 12 but is that too large realistically?


i would love a 12 x 12. I know that a 4 x 5 is sufficient, but I like to work on big surfaces. and a 12x12 would be nice.

I find 4/5 to be fine. Personaly I’d like a 6/8. 12/12 would just be too large for any desk I might have. I need to get the Intuo tablet… it has angle of tilt sensitivity. Very nice

9 x 12 intuous 2 works great… corners are kinda far away though… =]

ICU…could i buy the graphire off of you? Name a price and i’ll pay it.

If he can’t, reply to me vts. I have a friend with an extra one, who probebly would be willing, and able to sell it. Let me know if I should talk to him.

How soon do you need it I might be able to have one tomorrow or wednesday

heh actually from me it would be rather impossible for a while plus its for work [game] and if my intuous goes down i will need it. otherwise i’d give it to you… no payment required. its a backup though.