War Movie Bruce Willis

I think i spelt his name wrong!

I recently saw a movie preview of a war movie starring Bruce Willis, its coming out in Oz soon, so in america its probably been out for a while!!

Anyone know wats it called?
Any good?


tears of the sun or something like that. i had to sit thru that. it was horrible. don’t watch it, it’s a waste of money.

have u seen black hawk down?

Im a war movie fan, looks good from the trailer!!


I thought BHD had too much action and not enough story. I mean the whole story is about the action - but too me it wasnt a good movie. I can see how some war buffs liked it but it wasnt my “cup of tea”. I am not much of a war movie person but if I had to pick a good one it would be Saving Private Ryan.

Saving Ryan’s Privates!!!

Black Hawk Down:: the movie begins… 30 seconds later there is automatic weapon fire and intense battles… 2.5 hours later it has not stoped for more then a single minute! I enjoyed the movie, but seriously it is a 2+ hour constant fight - nonstop and in your face.


Saving Private Ryan is one of the best… also if you can get your hands on the DVD release of the HBO origonal series Band of Brothers, that is really good too.

i love band of brothers!! there are only certain war movies i like.

Black Hawk Down was a pretty good movie, but Saving Private Ryan was great. Also another great war move, thats not 3 hours long, is Platoon. Academy Award winner for Best Picture in like 1986.

Tears of the Sun is the name of the Bruce Willis movie, and it was good. Not great, but entertaining. Not to spoil, but the ending was a little fake.:trout:

As long as you brought up Platoon, I’ll add these:

Apocolypse Now (sp?)
Fox Hole
Full Metal Jacket
Thin Red Line

Some of the sickest ever esp 1 and 3!!


Band of Brothers
10 part saga
Spielberg and Hanks directing…
best war movies ever

I haven’t seen Fox Hole yet, but the other 3 were good. Another good Nam movie is We Were Soldiers.

In war movies, gimme:

  1. Platoon
  2. Saving Private Ryan
  3. We Were Soldiers
  4. Black Hawk Down

the thin red line was a shocking movie… from a historical P.O.V

i say shocking as in far from the truth…

(if there is any truth left in the world)

NO oNE has mentioned Enemy at the Gates ( i think that’s it )

its about a battle between the worlds best snipers back in world war 2 i think, maybe one i cant remember!!

  1. black Hawk down
  2. We were soldiers
  3. Platoon
  4. Enemay at the gates
  5. hopefully Tears of the Sun


i saw it and it is called TEARS OF THE SUN and it’s the best freakin’ war movie ever

i didnt want to make a new thread about this movie, so i will just use this one.

i am watching tears of the sun as we speak. I think that its really good. Some parts are better than others. I also think the ending is a little bit to fake. :slight_smile:

Tears of the Sun is pretty good, but the ending is a bit fake. i wont spoil it for you.

its all done, but yes, the ending was fake. But all and all, the movie was really interesting.

*Originally posted by B-Dawg *
**i saw it and it is called TEARS OF THE SUN and it’s the best freakin’ war movie ever **

It’s a chick movie disguised as an action flick…


Bruce should stop making movies… stick to making babies…