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I just wanted to know where every body buy’s thair web space from. If you can please leave a link it will be great.

Ice Slick:)

At work I have a server room that hold many servers, some for databases, some for e-mail, and others for the coldfusion and Sequel Server runs off! That is my family business’s servers but I would prefer Network Solutions or Data Key Techology(I know webmaster)!

<a href=http://www.networksolutions.com>Network Solutions</a>

<a href=http://www.datakeytech.com>Data Key Techology</a>

I use www.50megs.com for my web page, and www.mycgiserver.com for my hotlinked stuff… like my signature below. They aren’t great. What can I say? They are free…
Anytime you have a free web host it’s going to have some problems. If you aren’t experienced with them, I suggest grabing some free space just to see these problems. It will help you in the long run with general troubleshooting on any site.

If you are looking for quick places to just post stuff so that you can call to it in places like Ezboard, pull up www.Google.com. Do a search using “free web space provider domain registration”, or any combination of those words if you don’t like the result that comes up with the first hit. It should list a load of offers. Most are just teens with a big harddrive and some space to rent out. It keeps them in fresh computer parts and such. These, of course you have to watch out for. They may look more professional than they actually are.
The one I listed above, www.mycgiserver.com has actually been pretty good to me. They are based out of Austria, but recently moved. We had a little trouble at that time, but since it’s been unblemished service. Downside is, they only offer 10 megs of space on the free package. They do provide cgi and perl support though, I believe, which is nice for those flashers who would like to experience a little more of the programs higher functions.

Another option which suprisingly few users are aware is that most of the time, your Internet service provider, will either give you free space (small amounts) or offer good deals on larger amounts of space. Verison, which is my provider offers 5 megs for free, and some pretty good rates on more space. I’m going to use them for www.naturewalker.com (no it’s not up yet).

Hi. I’m new here and by no means an expert in flash, but I have looked into web space and the cheapest place I have found is called realprohost.com. They offer 50mb of space with ftp, cgi, sql and ssl for $7.95 a month. Plus there is no start up fee like alot of the companies out there and they will give you a domain name for a year for free. I have’nt used them yet but I will as soon as I finish my site. Another webhosting company I have used is hostpro which is good but I think their cheapest deal is 14.95 a month and a $40 set-up fee. I hope this helps.


Thx every body for the info. Ill check up on your links your help is verry usefull to me and others hew read thows postings.

thx again:
Ice Slick:)