What am i Doing wrong?

hi guys im lost and i dont konw what im doing wrong i attached .fla and or the 3 movies that i am using to make my full flash site but in my main flash i have “updated.swf” play but when i play the main movie it just shows a “m” but when i play the updates.swf it works fine (updates.swf=movie made with action script using http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/ascript_text_animation.asp) if anyone knows what im doing wrong please let me know.

Since you are using loadMovie() you can’t use _root, because then it is taking you to the _root of the movie you loaded it into.

So in this case you will need to change all the _roots into “this” (without quotes).

I posted a .zip file so you can see what I mean. Just check out the updates.fla file. Also, I fixed an error in your index.fla file. You had the loadMovie action for your navigation on your loadclip and on a frame.