What do ou think?

I just wanna hear some critique about www.rewko.wz.cz

I’m not a big fan of infinitely scrolling menues…especially in this case, i think it looks tacky…but the pics are nice…

Try to make all the pics in the main page same size / shape. You can use just a fragment from picture to use it as a button. I think is enought if you write the numbers, you dont have to repeat "pic" on every picture. It also looks like you use too many fonts... There isnt much information, so 2 fonts are ok, but 3 is just too much
Just some ideeas…

all right ive done something about that font. I dont think make fragments from pictures is good idea, because the buttons are generated dynamicly from original and i dont know how to create fine fragments automated.

FF warned me your flash would slow down my computer, so I terminated the script and everything froze. FIX IT.

Maxtr0sity may I ask what browser did you use? MSIE never did anything like this but Opera does it rarely

FF = FireFox.

I agree about the scrolling menu. I really hate dicking around with mouse-position based stuff. I think i’ve maybe seen one or two that have been really well implemented over the years. I would make the thumbs the same dimensions as well. Rather than dynamically resizing the orig’s I would use a batch program (graphic converter has a nice one) to generate thumbs and use those. If each thumb is say 4k systems won’t have to choke doing a resize of all those pic’s.

I don’t feel the font.

I would use preloaders that give more info than “loading”, like maybe a progress bar or something.

some changes done and the problem about slowing down computer should be solved.