What do you think of this site?


I made this site for school. What do you guys think of it? All feedback/critiques are welcome. Thanks.



the one with the rip off menu from the tutorial… lol

well other than the obvious stealature i’d say it was alright since you’re just starting off…

:love: ~ Seretha

I thought that’s what tutorials were for - to be used. And in that sense, I think they were used quite effectively.

While I do think the site is nice, what is even more interesting is how this technology can really be a successful educational aid - taking learning beyond the classroom. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this in the program I teach at and I’m glad to see it in action.

nice job.


hey hey hey…
dont take it that way… did you not see his page? All i was saying was the menu WAS the menu from the tutorial. I mean, sure, definately the tutorials are here to LEARN and gain experience but not cut and paste. I doubt if his teacher knew that he didn’t even create his own graphic for his menu that the mark would have been the same.

I completely agree that the tutorials should be USED but not in the sense that they dont even make the main graphics for it.

I think he’s well on his way to learning flash but to not even make his own look doesn’t prove more that he can cut and paste.
~ Seretha