What Frame rate do you use (usually)?

just interested really :stuck_out_tongue:
for ages I used the default 12, but man is that a bad setting I couldn’t stand it. I moved to 15, then 20, now I am at 30. I like 30, keeps it nice and smooth and most comps can handle it :slight_smile:

I use between 20 and 30 depending on what exactly I am doing.

I use 20fps, for a couple of reasons…

it is easy add and subtract seconds from the animation, once the client says “can you add a second here”…

the human eye sees animations as seemless with anything over 16fps…

also, the frame rate will decrease drastically, depending on throughput, and of course cpu useage going on at the same time the movie is playing, so the movie rarely plays at full framerate.

I would be careful assuming that the end client is getting the same experience as you. The last stats I have seen state that over 60% of surfers still use 800x600 resolution, have a 2 yr old computer, and do many tasks at once (outlook, IE, music, etc.), but the stats vary depending on who is compiling them.

Just my opinion, from what I’ve seen with clients for the past 4 or 5 years.


Those stats relate to me:)

Yeah, I don’t like to believe them, but it seems when I go visit a client in his office, or home…

Well, they are right on track.

Heck, I still use a 450 pIII (okay I do have 512M RAM, and a huge video card)…

Can’t afford the new stuff all the time…


800x600 monitor
700mhz processor
128MB Ram
About 2 Years old

Yep, that’s my computer.

My girlfriend still uses a 333 that I liberated from the museum at a client’s office and reformatted. She only has 96M RAM, but I see her watching streaming video (we share a studio apt, so we also share the monitor, I’m be a voyeur, honest), and it plays almost as good as mine with the bif vid card.

I do have a 19" KDS Trinitron monitor (a bit of a splurge), and I have to remind myself that the client probably can’t see the detail I can.

Just a fact of life I guess:cowboy:


I’m on a P3, 1GHz, 256 RAM, 40 GB HDD with a G-Force 2 MX…

And i use 30FpS all the time… :stuck_out_tongue:

great, but how does it look on the user’s machine?

after all, I don’t produce a lot of work to look at myself…


23.970 IVTC down from 29.970…

Oh wait… for flash I generally use 24. =)


I run most of my animations at a minimum of 25fps. There was a time when I just tried experimenting and made an animation for a client @ 60fps !! Took a long time in making it since each tween had to be stretched like ==========> for maintaining the normal pace. I just got a dead PII 350, 64MB RAM, 8MB Inteli740 (The world’s favourite !!) and ran quite slow on my pc. Finally, when the client had a look at the animation on a PIII, the animation just came and went !

Man ! The truble i went thru to fix that up…:-\
So, I would suggest selecting a reasonable framerate before making a movie would help a million ! :smirk:

I choose my frame rate depending on the project… if I am looking for very precise animations, ESP those that move slowly for long distances… I go for higher frame rates 30 - 50 just because as you move slowly you begin to see the seperate fram movements more… but normaly I am betwnn 18 - 30.


I think my default is set to 30; but I have been known to do some more slowly and a couple really really fast. (for just script stuff, sometimes you can hit a full 32 fps on the output. Refresh rate on a line being drawn is much higher than imported graphics and such.)

If you’d like to know what frame rate your movies are running at, you can download Colin Moock’s framerate detector script from his site www.moock.org