What they say about Kirupa.com in the UK

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I am eagle eyed, me. :slight_smile: Shame my typing isn’t so hot, I spelt ‘afternoon’ wrong. Argh!

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well at least with your eagle eyed capabilities you were able 2 pick up on that…

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Sometimes I wonder if the people who write those articles are a member on the forum…

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**oooh - that is pretty cool :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing anorak! There aren’t too many popular design magazines in the US from what I’ve seen. The closest thing to a hip, trendy magazine that talks about technology is Wired - and even that is getting quite dull of late.

Kirupa :beam: **

100% agrre!
1: www.Kirupa.com
Looking for your number one resource for Flash? Yep this is it. Although much smaller than Flaskit (see 45) the site has tutoials from advaced to n00bs with a great forum too!

aww man! i always forget to push send lol…

(jk i do not write for onna those mags :bad: )

i once had my illustrations published in computer arts (uk mag) - i was a great feeling… almost as great as getting kirupa site of the week!!!


MARIO FAN holly **** i want to do this also. HOW do i go about doing this?

taken from CA magazine

"Featured artists are sometimes approached for commisions.

Send your work to us along with a full explanation of your techniques and software titles of each piece, and your telephone no. labelled on the disk itself. Images should be sent as PC or Mac TIFF or JPEG files on CD Rom or Zip disks nad a hard copy is a great help.

We will endeavouor to return all entries that provide a SAE. All contributions are submitted on the basis of a non-exclusive worldwide licence to publish both in printed and electronic form.

For information contact:

[email protected] but do not email low res images. instead, post high-res files for print to:

Computer Arts
30 Monmouth Street

Note: selection and production takes time, so, please don’t call us, we’ll call you!"

in the address you will have to put in England, UK if you are overseas…

good luck and looking 4ward to seeing your work

do it edwin! and mario, WHOA!

do what?

submit his werk.


yeah i am its my lifetime hope to be on there. oh god i hope they print ym work. i know that next issue i was contacted on my opinions on celberty designers i think i might be quoted in it.

cool! (if your famous dont forget to be like, if it wernt for grandmasta mike dipietro who taught me all my sweet asz skillz i wouldnt be herre today!)

i probably would if i had any color coordination ability…or drawing skills…