Who are the mods?

i was just wondering who the mods were for this forum. no real reason. but its 2:48 am and I’m bored out of my mind.

if i was mod, id say something.

straps tape over his mouth and walks off

I’m a mod, but I was drinking 40 dollar wine tonight so I didn’t wake until now. You’re probebly gone now. :slight_smile: sorry I missed ya

Well, I’m not a mod if you want to know.
pom 0]
$40 wine !! It had to be a French wine !!

The mods are, in no particular order:


For the Swift 3D forum only:


Hey Uppy-
Along with that 40$ wine did you wear a condom to sleep tonight too?


he ran out of condoms because he used them all on his teddy bear…lol just playin uppy :wink:

thanks guys

thanks guys

i’m not really sure why that posted twice. I didn’t hit the back button or anything, but it just decided to post twice…i hate my computer…this POS. Actually, since I’m home this weekend, its my old computer. Pentium 2, 333!

roflmao… my teddybear has been tested for pretty much everything, and has no testies, so, no we don’t use a condom when we’re together. :wink:

actually it was not French wine… it was “Stag’s Leap” Valley, CA, and it was one of the best bottles of wine I’ve ever had the pleasure to consume. I’ve had a lot of French wines too.

im a mod. ANd DAN. there is nthing wrong with having a little fun with childhood toys…err…its nap time for me now…

wow VTS speaks. hows your new girl? is she still the only thing on your mind?