Kit != Mod?

Hey, Dan and I were talking about this earlier and it is something I thought I might bring up.

Why was kit never made a mod? Both Dan and I thought she was, I found out not too long after I became mod and Dan found out not too long ago when he asked her what it was like to be one of the 2 girl mods and she was shocked and thought she had become a mod (I don’t know that exact situation, you will have to consult Dan).

So anywho… just looking for some clarification on this issue :beam:

Yes, I think so too.

okie dokey! I am all for making her a mod? How about h88 as well? He has helped out tremendously on many other forums? We may need to cleanup most of Top Secret once he gets in =)

Kirupa :rambo:

Whatever you feel is right I agree with =)

BTW: I deleted that thread I created (and another one). You know which ones Kirupa, the one with the thing about the thing with the things, and another one, there still is more that has to be done. Wipe it from your memory.

::static:: Over and Out ::static::

Alright, I am going to continue “cleaning”, is this alright?

maker her a mod of art and design. she can helps me out :slight_smile:

I’ll make Kit a mod now :slight_smile: We’ll discuss the other candidate after more “cleanup” is done =)

Kirupa =)

Excellent move Kirupa! I think Kit would make a great addition to the mod team.

But after this, do we really need any more mods?

Hey ren,
No, we don’t need any more mods. I hastily made a statement a while back stating that once a member reaches 1000 posts, he/she will be made a mod. In hindisight, I regret that statement. The only person (and last) who will be made a mod will be h88, and that will be after he reaches 1000 posts.

After that, any new additions will be discussed in this forum, and I’ll instate any new mods that you all come up with =)

Kirupa :rambo:

I think I got everything, but if there are any traces left that you find, please help out :beam:

Yay!, Kit a mod!!!

Hey Ren, do you have a Deviant Art account? I am trying to round up kirupa members with Deviant Art accounts to add to my favorites list :slight_smile:

I like revv’s humour better… :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely like Rev much better. He is funny, he is useful, and he helps out a lot in Flash 5, which not many of us have anymore (or ever had in my case).

H88 on the other hand is more specialized in the serverside of Flash and helps out a lot with the PHP mySQL type of stuff that not many of us can answer.

Definitely a hard choice.

Can’t we just make h88 a local mod in the server/client section then?

If he behaves, we can make him a super mod in due time… :slight_smile:

That is pretty smart Eilsoe :beam:

He will still be a mod, just of one section [SIZE=1]:hehehe:[/SIZE]

Lol, we can make all members a mod.

Where when they sign up, they can become a mod, and if they misbehave or don’t hold mod capabilities, we can demod them… it would be easier for Kirupa that way.


yeah, we can do that! I’ll make him a mod for server-side only! BTW: will he be allowed to access the Top Secret area? If not, I can arrange it where only Super Mods can see this area.

Kirupa :rambo:

Hehe, that would be cool Kirupa.

But that is up to you entirely.

Everything except for things in this thread about him I cleaned out (unless I missed something).

It’s all good PJ, I am a stuborn bastard and David has just known me for much longer and had my back on things. It was late, everything in my life is turning for the worst, and I tend to take it out on others. I need to start ignoring comments I don’t agree with. I guess every forum needs a hard ass that can handle all of the members us mods don’t like. Kind of like how minorites hate the police.

By the way, why was banned again, I don’t have a problem with him staying, but I think it is ironic that you ended up banning him anyways! :stuck_out_tongue:

So many mods… :-\ I’m starting to understand Jubby’s opinion on the matter.

I mean, if we make Kit a mod (good idea), then as you said, why not Revv, Syntax, mdipi, h88 (probably a good idea because he seems to be pretty much better than anyone of us, but I’m suprised you’re considering this after what you said…), Syko (who’s been here for longer than many) and I don’t know who else…

Do we need so many mods?

I’m not saying we don’t. I’m just saying that to me, a mod is not someone that reaches 1000 posts in a month, or someone that we like to chat with… It’s something more.

Sorry if I sound like an old bastard, but I think we should think about that a bit.

pom :-\