Why rendering is gay

its so slow! man i have been waiting for the last like 20 min for a simple Swift V.1 render to finish. btw, can you draw in swif 1? i dont think you can but…


Version 1, I think your whole problem evolves around that number, maximize your senses and upgrade!

thas right! AutoBots Maximize! Decetacons Terrorize!

oh man this looks awsome! check out the examples at http://www.swift3d.com/

mdipi… you dont want to talk about free s/w like that on this forum. This is your friendly warning. We do not condone, support or tolerate talks of piracy on this forum. I know you’re new, so I thought I’d let you know.

As far as s/w goes. I purchased Swift 3d v.2 and although I did some cool things quickly… I quickly outgrew it. To be fair to the folks at erain, Swift3d is probably the best product in it’s price category. I have not seen Swift 3d v.3. I think Pom and SuperSatori won copies of that s/w recently.

He never said anything about free software, are you posting in the same thread, or you just been hanging with thoriphes and losing brain cells? :stuck_out_tongue:

i am not braining lose cells…
shut the hell down dan.

and if you direly need the speed increase, buy new hardware.

Maybe a post was deleted?


the posts were deleted by someone else. Not me. I just gave him a friendly warning. He was talking about how he got his hands on some s/w. That was the deal.

sorry about that! thanks for the warning.