Worst site ever to be put online

Heh heh. Yea the long put-off, totally unanticipated site is now online…


C&C is welcome I guess. It’s basically finished. But needs a few very minor things. SO I guess you could say it’s about 95% complete. Enjoy!

Very nice use of Masks.

Its not very often you see a site with battle stuff on it. I like that.

Very nice! I love the layout of the portfolio page especially. With such funky masking goin on, i think it would benefit from some funky transitions between sections as opposed to the content simply dissapearing. Nice theme, very consistent. I like.

very… retro-trash-student-urban. or something:)

cool… im not too fond of the preloader though…
i agree good use of mask, try using it for outros as much as intros

yeah I agree with mlk, I don’t like the preloaders and you should use the masks on the outro’s as well as the intro’s…disappointing to see them just vanish

good work, defintely not the worst site ever to be out online :thumb:

Nice site, DJ… i couldn’t get the websites section to work… not sure if it was just me, or if it has not been done yet… also, there is no graph art section - what gives???

re: the background music… did you make those beats?? #2 is hella slick…

awsome site! I cant get the intro to work though :frowning:

Keep it up!

Pretty decent site, some CnC I have.

  1. To many fonts, I count 4 maybe 5 different fonts, designer NO NO. Try limiting it to 1 or 2 fonts.

  2. I think your bio text transition would look better on main page, instead of that square transition thingy you got goin on.

  3. Portfolio section, that’s prolly the weakest font usage on the site… dunno if it’s supposed to look spray painted on but that font’s not cuttin’ it.

  4. I like the preloader, the one thing about it is, it’s MUCH brighter than anything else on your site.

  5. Music loops are nice :slight_smile:

Anywho, not a bad site… not really what I had expected. That’s where I think there is room for improvement IMO.

I like it nice work, however it looks like you did the navigation in about umm 13 seconds :lol:.

Great choice of beats :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Yea I am aware of the fonts. That’s one of the things that in that 5% that’s not finalized and finished. Will be fixed soon.

The preloader can be darkened or revised. Will work on that also.

Also I will be adding alot to the bio page. I relize that there isn’t much there so it will be filled soon.

Also the intro is not the final one. Bleh it’s horrible I know. Just wanted something quick for now.

As for the nav I suck at navigation. If I knew how to do after effects I would use that to make a sweet nav. But I don’t. Maybe I can cook something up in 3dsmax once I figure out how to do animations.

Again thanks for the great and not so great(those are the ones that make me better) comments. This site will be an ever evolving site that will never stop changing and improving.:smiley:

i really like this site… u do scare me a bit, but that said its nice (nice might not be the right word)


It’s annoying to have each section preload, after everything was supposedly loaded when I entered. Make it all load in one go; that way users can browse through the site smoothly without interruptions.

Um loading each page together would just annoy 56k users. So no I’m not going to change that aspect.:wink:

But I will be revising the preloader to something cooler so that when you see it it won’t be so “annoying”.:wink:

Is that guy you? With all those different position :P.

Sure is. :wink:

Pretty cool man. With some more time and attention, you could have a pretty sweet site. ATM, there isn’t that much that distinguishes it from an HTML site though… besides the mask transitions.