I just finished this site and wanted to get some feedback. The site is www.Solipsum.com . It’s a site for a brand new print-based entertainment medium, the ‘Photographic Novel’. Kind of like a comic book with photos rather than drawings.

Anyway I would love to hear what you guys/girls think. :slight_smile:


Are you submitting for SOTW? If so you forgot your e-mail address.

I think your personal site (which coincidentally was SOTW before) was much better than this. This one is good and all, but it lagged A LOT on my computer and there isn’t much color to it. Just a bunch of reds. Red isn’t always a color that is top on my list, but i’m not going by that, I just think there is an overflow of it.

LOVE THE MENU, gotta give you that, the menu is excellent, great work there.

I dig the logo.

That’s about as far as it goes on my Mac G3 with a 56k modem. When I enter the site there is nothing but a black screen.

And I’m positive I have Flash Player 6.

It could be really good, there’s one detail that really bothers me: the transitions lag awfully. I find it all the more annoying that it could be really good, but my pleasure was spoiled because of that little detail… :frowning:

pom :asian:

Thanks for the feedback. I have found that on a Mac the plug-in detection I am using is hit or miss. I am working on that fix right now, I apoligize for the problems with that and hope to have it fixed shortly.


I liked it besides the lag. I realy liked the blond chick (very hot). What did you make the logo with?

Thanks. And the logo is 100% Photoshop.


I am now able to access your site.

I like it. The only things that bothered me were:

  1. It took a long time to get to the Splash page.

  2. The cool logo needs to be cleaner. It’s starting to pixelate.

Cool idea. I’m a big horror/sci-fi fan.