X-treme Anger!

I am getting so frustrated! It seems like when I move ahead and star doing some new things in Flash that I always hit a wall. I mean when i get to the point where i feel like its time to take the next step, ill try something new and just struggle, and struggle and struggle. I got so frustrated eariler that I had to just walk away and jump on the xbox to get my mind on something else. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a timeline or path of development for newbie’s? I mean should I start masking then to go to something else? Any imput would be GREATLY appericated.


There is no set Timeline. I actually skipped much of the basic animation stuff and jumped into actionscript, and its been a slow uphill struggle ever since. Learning new things takes time, don’t get frustrated. Turn your frustration into motivation.

I agree with Jubba… there is no set path, though typically we learn things like using the tools first, then we learn how to make buttons and movie clips… then we learn how to make buttons control movie clips… etc.

As a side line I’ll say this… my greatest moments of clarity in creation did not come from pounding my head on the keyboard but from doing exactly what you did. There were many days when I just had to put Flash down, step away and play Quake for a couple hours. Sleep too helps. There are many a night when I would work for hours trying to solve something with no luck. I’d then go to sleep, and wake with the answer.

Especially with action script… the greatest moments of creation come from the world itself, not from your computer.

Take a walk in a natural place.

A lot of Flash is about the smoothness and randomness of motion. There is no greater source for these things than the natural world itself. Take a walk, preferably with a girl and a dog. Smell the outdoors… listen to the sound of wind in the trees… watch leaves fall, or snowflakes. Set up a bird feeder near your house or window, and watch what different creatures come to eat… birds have been a source of divine inspiration for man for thousands of years.

These are the secrets to my life.

(and even if you are not inspired after a good walk, at the very least you’ve gotten some much needed exercise.

Hey, I’ve only been @ this for about 6 weeks or so.
I jumped into actionscript like jubba. Jubba & others have been very helpful. I keep making small project for myself & working hard to get them done. I post questions here & do my best to really understand the answers. I did POM’s draggable menu tutorial a thousands times before I completely 100% understand it. I’d get totally pissed too. Keep @ it. I’m far & away no expert but I check the posts often & now try to answer other peoples question. I find it extremely helpful to myself to try & answer other peoples questions. It’s a great learnining tool & the side effect is your helpful someone out who’s in the same position you were in a few weeks prior. If you don’t know the answer go out & look for it. Macromedia has some great message boards too. ok, enough of my rambling. Thanks for everyone who’s been helping me along the way.


Thanks guys, i appericiate all the kind words.