Zoxide.com site up - missing something?

Hey all,

I’m just about finished with my company site, http://www.zoxide.com

I feel like its missing something though, not in terms of content, but in terms of design. Eventually there will be more under “Developers” (tutorials and such) and then there will also be a video section (demo reel is almost done).

Is there something missing in the design though? I couldn’t think of a reason to add Flash… It doesn’t feel necessary to me. Unless anyone else can think of something.


it sure doesn’t scream - use this company we are good.

no offence

Hmmm… design wise.

I feel that this for a “designers” site is extremely lacking. Graphically it’s not strong at all, has nothing that really pops. If it’s meant to be a minimal site it is still lacking the pop of that too. I think some type of graphic application needs to be made. This site looks more like a biographical site of a writer or something, I would never think of it to be a designers site.

In the about section. I dunno what the deal w/ that anatomy thing is. It makes no sense and doesn’t flow very well into any kind of concept of the site.

I think one suggestion I have is… to emphasize your recent work… make it bigger and more designed… have you seen www.cgnetworks.com ? See the recent works how they made it big and bold? I think something like that might look good on your site as well… I think the billybussey forum does this same thing.

Your font usage is very basic, doesn’t give a good feel to the site. Fontography is art too.

All together, I’m sorry to say I feel this is an extremely weak site and could use a good facelift.

Thats kind of what I was afraid of, looking at it myself… I agree. I just wanted to see what my kin thought. Thanks guys. Time to get designing.

Alright. I made some of the suggested changes. The site still needs more of a look, but I think its an improvement.

Still a little bit of graphic work needs to be done… when I looked at your site this is something of what potential I saw out of the site, prolly took me about 10 minutes to comp it up… but you get the idea:

Basically I think you need a graphic shell, to work your content into.

Wow simplistik, that looks good. Thats a little bit more difficult to implement into my site, but I think I can probably pull it off over the next couple of days. I see what you mean now. I’ll see what I can do. Again, thanks for the help, everyone.

the site doesnt really seem to flow.
the color scheme doesnt work for me.
it needs design!
if you go with what simplistik started there, and continue it throughout the site, you will have a good website.

hmm, i think it doesnt look right because the top bar is r ounded and teh following panel liners are squared.

just my 2 cents.