About compression


I’ve read quite a lot of threads and some article about compression in Flash here at kirupa.com. But I must say that I still don’t fully understand how it works…

I have a good understanding about different compression algorithms, so that is not a problem. What I don’t understand is how Flash works with them…

So, I have a couple of questions that someone might be able to answer:

  1. I use Adobe Photoshop to process my images. When I work with photographs I save them with JPEG-compression and tweek the settings so that the image quality and size suits my needs. That said, when I import them into an image gallery in Flash, I DO NOT want Flash to recompress my images. I just want Flash to display my images just as they look when I export them from Photoshop. How do I do that?

  2. If I want to compress my images with Flash, I can make the settings in two places: in my publish settings and in each individual image in the library. Which settings will be used if I apply a setting in both places. For example, if i make a setting of 80% JPEG compression to an individual image in the library, and make a JPEG compression setting of 60% in my publish setting, what settings will my image be compressed with?

I hope someone has the time and knowledge to answer my questions. I would really appreciate it! :hugegrin: