Blackpool, here I come

Just got of the phone talking to a job in Blackpool and I think I’ve got it. It wasn’t an interview per say it was more telling me about the job and then asking if I’m intrested and then the guy says

“Well I’ll see you next week, goodbye Robert” and then hangs up…

I’m sure I’ve got it so I’ll be in Blackpool (well kind of it’s Lytham actually) for the next 5 weeks in a temp job for a small company called IBM, anyone heard of them :wink:

So, I know some Kirupians live near Blackpool (keljnr I’m looking at you) so I was hoping for some tips about the place. I’ve been to Blackpool like any good Glasweigan a thousand times but never to Lytham…whats it like, is it expensive, is it nice, am I gonna get my head punched in in a pub…anyone familiar with the area (or even Blackpool) let me know

thanks :thumb:

Congrats dude!:party:

I know you have been on the hunt for a while. I hope it works out for you man. :thumb:

thanks fester :thumb:

Congrats Rab. I have no idea how Blackpool is, but I’m sure it is nice. Blackpool sounds like a map in Unreal Tournament. DM-BlackPool :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats! I didnt know what Blackpool was :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking a type of pool game where all the balls are black or something.

Thanks guys :thumb:

Blackpool is a town on the west coast of England, kind of relies on the tourist industry. Just thought I’d ask cause I know some Kirupians live near and was hoping they could give tips.

[ot]You had 1,111 posts Rab. That number occurs only once in a lifetime per account :crying: [/ot]

congratulations man.

I Bah What?

Seriously, who are THESE guys? Sound like some new upstarts, they probably have no idea how the computadora business works. I give em a few weeks, and they’ll shut down. Sorry, guess you’ll be out a job.

But all kidding aside, congrads, you surely deserve it… or, you, Shirly, deserve this. Haha. I’m in such the good mood. :slight_smile:


good luck rabbell! make us proud!:snug:

well done fella!
Lythams a posh place compared to blackpool. I think it has its “roughish” areas though.
I think its quite a boring place aswell, but luckily blackpool 5mins away.
If youve been ta Blackpool you know how rough it can be there, especially on weekends.

Do some other kirupians live in blackpool?

thanks everybody

Kirupa: Don’t mention the number guy, I’m choking up here :*(

Radio: :lol:, no I’ve never heard of these guys either. Fingers crossed they know what they’re doing. All kidding aside I went on a course once my last job sent me and the guy would say things like “…and this was introduced by a company called Microsoft” guess you had to be there but it was just the way he kepy saying it as if we’d never heard of them.

Keljnr: I’m sure I’ve seen someone else from Blackpool here. Yeah I know how bad Blackpool can be at the weekends but I won’t be in Blackpool at the weekend. Mondays and Fridays are considered travelling days so I’ll be in Edinburgh Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. Not bothered about it being boring, if I was in Blackpool I’d probably spend all my wages anyway.

Thanks eveybody, I’ll let you know how it goes :thumb:

yeah let us know, good luck!

ok then I start tomorrow with IBM in Blackpool (Don’t know if they have an office or if I’ll be in their clients office but at the moment I think it’ll be the clients)

I had heard before that IBM were good to their staff and so far I’ve been impressed. I’ve been getting induction stuff mailed to me with every question imaginable answered. Where we are, good hotels near us, best way to get here, what you’ll be doing when you get here, even info on their employee sports teams, they also have a rule which says you can’t work more than 43 hours in a week because they operate a work/life plan with the employees and anything over 43 is overworking them…they just really seem to look after their people :thumb:

Just wondering if anyone else had heard this about IBM or maybe even worked for them :huh:

So what sort of stuff will you be doing?

well done mate.
we’ll hav ta go fer a beer or sumit, sometime.