Check my site

What do you like and what do you not?
Is there anything I can do (beside the portfolio rollover which I am changing) to better it?

Any of your suggestions are welcomed.
Thank you.


What I like:

I really like the color scheme and the logo. Very nice feel to the whole page. This is a much more difficult thing to accomplish than many people realize but it seems natural to you. Good work!

What I don’t like:

Hardly anything. Personally, I would make those three boxes under your categories (the dotted line boxes) the same size vertically. It disrupts/distracts from the flow a little in my opinion. There is alot of information in this site, I hope your user has enough interest to check out one of the categories otherwise they will be missing out on the best part(s) of the site.

Other than that, good work! Nice flow and very professional.


time2design, Do you mean that my main page where all the services are is not “catchy” enough? and a user when visiting might lose interest?

I tried to keep it simple and informational. I wanted to give a clean, informative and a professional look and feel.

Thanks for your input so far by the way. I appreciate it.


I like: layout, simplicity. The French version.

I don’t like: too much animation on all the time, looks a bit like animated gifs (the hosting offers…).

Question: are the websites in the Portfolio supposed to be clickable? If yes, nothing ever happened for me?!

Sinon, j’aime bien, tabernacle!


No, the scroll portfolio is not yet clickable. I am looking to change that and find other “original” ways to display my portfolio.

Merci pour tes commentaires…


>>>“Do you mean that my main page where all the services are is not “catchy” enough? and a user when visiting might lose interest?”<<<

Yes and no. I’m not saying it’s not catchy enough, I just personally feel that if you have some good stuff to show off, it shouldn’t be two levels deep.

Maybe a sub menu could come up when you rollover the main menu buttons? I don’t know…

I would just be afraid that the good stuff you’re trying to push wouldn’t be seen (which would be a shame).



Francais? Com se com sa. (I know that was bastardized.)