Check please

Millad Studio

change the outer-glow on the text on your buttons to a different color, not the default yellow it doesnt match the site. but i liked it

well, i wont bother repeating whats been said already…

dont worry, i totally got shot down by the maniacs on flashkit for my spelling too… i like to take “creative licensing” with my words… (ooh i bet i slaughtered “licensing”)

aside from whats been side, i really think u should tone done some of the bg blurs… i like that ur using the “grunge” style, but your site still seems too crisp. or something. its good though…

On your splash page, take our “Awards” until you have awards. It looks real tacky.

Really like it ! millad…
good good work keep goinnn’

The only thing i’ve just notice is that ur “hover grey” nav buttons could be better with a light bevel effect.

But that’s nothing compare to ur job done.
Great use of blur. nice pics and font.

just great

too blurry!

The only thing i really see to improve on is the body text. Lighten the blur/glow a little, and try to stay consistant with your fonts (italiacs/bolds count too). And i dont really see why you need a white border, it separates the background a little too much from the main site. and get some more in the portfolio section, your websites were nice, but i’d love to see some of your graphic work too.:drool: