Project Millad Studio Version 3

Finely this is my version 3 website.

Please check my simple site by clicking this link under

The site is not 100% finished.

Please tell me what u think of it whats bad and whats good.

I would like to Thank EG for his help and support. Thanx EG :slight_smile:
I also would like to thank you all for your help :slight_smile:

>Thanx (-:

-Blast :tb:

On the splash page, id call it flash 6 plug in… normal user knows flash in numbers. I dont like the font on the preloader. Spelling mistake in about. ‘I olso’. Good images, great transitions. Cool sound and music. I had to hide my links bar on the browser to be able to see the buttons without scrolling. Dont take it too harshly, that was being fairly picky.

i like the site a lot, but get rid of the top and bottom margins, and that might take away the need to scroll. the site was really simple and clean, nice work.

Thanx for your comments

I canot get rid of the margins
the site is 400x600. When I put it into front page 2000 and get it to center and middle it changes :frowning:

The loading font, I was thinking of removing the font and just lett the bar show up but not the font. Good idea ?

fixed the error on the about page.

Waiting for more commnts thank you :slight_smile:

-blast :tb:

1152x864 is quiet an unusual screnn resolution i think :slight_smile:
the most users take 1024x748 so i do and i had to scroll up and down to view the whole page !!

but what i saw there was really clear simple and a nice work

well done !!

i like it =)

the roll-overs in the links section though are kind of weird… you might wanna change that =)

Thanx :slight_smile:

I whant to add to my html page so that when the page loads it gos scrolling down auto. how to do that ?

Ahmed I will change link rollover :slight_smile:

-Salam :tb:

I just checkt 2advanced site they say req. secreen on 1024x768

and you need to scroll down also :evil:

No more comments I see, so the site is “perfect” now with no bugs and nothing els ?


I have read the post above. Please change the size. come on PLEASE:sigh:

The only think that can fix this is using a popup window :frowning:

Well I fix the problem :slight_smile:

You can launch the popup only if you click on this link under
you canot acsses the popup when going to the ( .tk ) and ( ) url I dont know why :sure:

click here

I hope you enjoy it more without scroling down :slight_smile:

this works really good in a popup. one minor thing. in the news section, the font is blurry, so just tweak it a little. nice job.

thank you for your comments :slight_smile:

The blury text about the 2ad on the news page, I tryd many times but its still blury sorry :frowning:

My site adress is to long

I whant to get it shorter but dont lett me show the popup and the .tk also.

Is there other, that also support popup or something ?


Don’t take this post the wrong way, but you have quite a lot of spelling mistakes. I realise that English isn’t your first language, but you might want to spellcheck your work in Word or something before you upload it.

The site is very good though. I like the simplicity of it. Good job! :thumb:

thanx :slight_smile:

I will spellcheck everything soon :slight_smile:

:frowning: cant open the link of ur site.

why cant you open it ?

please try agein on this link

thank you

btw:- I have tryd it on Linux/Mac OS also :slight_smile: it works but not better than windows IE

in the news page, about the 2a I fix the font and its not blury :slight_smile:

everything is nearly perfect now :slight_smile: 99%

bug fix,

the site is now 100% ready you may check it agein to check the new updates that are done :slight_smile:


one more thing to check :slight_smile:

Do you guys see the main page ? the req. and the logo ?
because I changed them a bit, Im having some problems with them.


I love your images,so rich! And interactivity is nice too! Great work!