Digital Photography

I’m in the market for a good digital camera that I can use for my design projects. Can anyone offer some suggestions?


Some of the best cameras I have used are made by Canon.

I never tried their digital cameras, but judging by what I have seen in their regular cameras, they are pretty trustworthy.

Maybe try a Best Buy for it. I believe they let you test equipment before you buy it. to check out the canon cameras.

I think sony is the best brand out there, competing with minolta, which is also really good.

Yes, Sony is also a good brand. I have never had a problem with a Sony product :slight_smile:



sony or canon’s the way to go.

Sony are the highest price though but I guess for a reason try Kodak I am also looking for one that cheap :slight_smile: but I see kodac has some mighty good and cheap ones

Here is a link to the official page of Sony Digital Cameras

I don’t know why I took the liberty of getting it, I guess I was just bored.

Sonys are wonderful, yes. I like mine in part because it’s compatible with my laptop. The laptop has a memory stick port built in, so no other assessories are needed on the road.

I’ve had two of them and the picture quality is great on both.

My advice whichever brand you go with is to make sure it takes a rechargable battery. All the digitals just eat power.

Good luck

Thoriphes (manny)…don’t make me get godzilla on ur asian ass ! :asian: