Donnie Darko: the next Spider Man?

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Toby, bah!

hm…somehow i can’t imagine Gyllenhaal as the next Spider-man. Maguire made his role playing as the first (recent) Spider-man and seeing another actor playing him will somehow retract the original feel from the first movie. what they should’ve done though is instead of use Maguire in the spider suit, they should’ve used a double (as i’m sure they did for some parts of the first film). then he wouldn’t have to be so acrobatic. i mean you can’t see spider-man’s face after all right?

half the flick was cgi anyway, that dude worked out like 7 hrs a day with weight training and gymnastics.
my opinion , Maguire made a way better Spidey than Affleck did Daredevil
He definitely earned that role, can’t wait for the sequel.

nooooooooooooooo i hate donnie darko!!!

isnt it Donnie Marko? or am i thinking of Donnie marky mark…

Donnie Marky Walberg… Donnie Mark Walberg… Donnie Walberg…

Wait… Donny Maro is… DONNIE WALBERG!!! whoa… no wait…
If you take the equalateral position of the…

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**nooooooooooooooo i hate donnie darko!!! **


Tobey will be spider man agian. But dont’ expect spider man 2 ot be out next may as planned. To accomadit toby’s bad bac kthe movie has been pushed back to july.

When u break it down jake looks almost the smae as toby and there acting isn’t far off so i doubt the change would have matterd to much.

Gyllenhaal is a great actor. He plays the character Donnie Darko in an amazing way. Incredible, in my opinion.
Although I love Donnie Darko, I don’t think Gyllenhaal is a superhero kinda guy. Maguire is more of a geek, which is good for the Spiderman movie. He can’t play that well, but wearing a mask and stuff suits him. For me, Maguire was a good choice for Spidey.

Mark Wahlberg? He was good in The Yards, Fear and Boogie Nights, but I don’t know… his acting is weird. Not bad, just weird.