Worth the upgrade?

Is Flash MX really that much better than 5?

Good question. If you’re a C++ killer, then yes. Otherwise, I don’t know.
pom 0]

I’d say not yet.

It took about 2 years for me to get to this point. That is, the point where I feel comfortable that I’m not going to lose more than 10% of the people who come to a site that I’m doing Flash 5.0 work for. A year ago it was a really pain in the tookus. No one had the 5.0 plugin and everyone that I knew was complaining about the fact that they had to get a new plugin every couple months. Granted that’s an exageration on their part… but perception is 99% of advertising and sales.

MX plugins will take a while too. People will complain again. I do not think that it’s going to take 2 yeears like 5.0 took, but it will be a bit longer still.

The second point is this. Anything you can do in Flash 5.0 in a year, will be able to be translated to MX very easily. I’m sure you’ve seen a little griping from some of the Flashers on the board about Flash MX being really difficult upgrade.That’s just first responses to a new program. Once you’re used to the changes you find very little that is unfamiliar to you. There are 90000 Flash 5.0 books on the market (not really, that’s just me exagerating) None of that information changes much in Flash MX.

I’m learning MX because I want to connect two computers together with Flash, creating games and chat-arena, but that’s just my thing, and MX does that kind of thing. :slight_smile: I can’t afford it yet, and my 30 day trial just ran out. (I’m going through my stuff today saving everything as Flash 5.0 format just to make sure that I can get at it tomarrow.) I’ll buy it when I can get a good deal. Probebly off of Ebay.