Flash 5 to flash mx - whats up?

Hello all,

I’m starting to get really into flash 5, and with flash mx out, do you suggest continue learning flash 5 as much before attempting flash mx?

i use flash for simple movies, animation and in the future, games. Do you recommend picking up flash mx?


if you can swing it… Do it. (my personal opinion). If you’re just getting started and have not developed any Flash 5 habits, I would say you could find your way around MX easier. I happen to like MX, although it has made me think about getting dual monitor display to handle all the open panels. However, I found a layout that seems to work for me. The more “intelligent” properties panel is a huge plus in my book.

Good luck.

I have MX, but being used to F 5, i almost never use it…old habits…but the new features are really a big progress!
I you’re just starting, do not get used to F5, rather get into MX straight away.

Personaly, I don’t think that ANYTHING you learn in Flash 5.0 will not be useful in MX. They haven’t changed hardly anything, they’ve only added to it.

So for now, learn Flash 5.0 as well as possible. It will not be time waisted.

Agree with upuaut; however, I simply could not go back to the way Flash 5’s interface. As silly as it sounds, I think my favorite feature is the way I can use and move panels and panel sets.

I also like the way it handles frame editing much better.

Minor cosmetic changes, but worth it for me (hey, I’m a sucker for flashy things–no pun intended).