Flash messing up my images

hey guys, i was making a scroller for my site and i made two little arrows (up and down respectivly) in pixle art in FWMX. i brought it into flash and it looked great, untill i prewiewed it, the arrows are all round and stuff. if you need to see what i mean i will post the SWF. well my question is how do i stop this?

see swf here

Give your arrows about a pixel transparent margin around them when you’re in FMX and it should solve the problem.

can you be a little more specific?

Let’s say your button is 10x10 pixels, go into FMX or Photoshop and give it a transparent margin of 5 pixels so that the button will still be 10x10 pixels in size, but the total image size would now be 20x20 pixels since there’s a 5 pixel margin all around. I hope that is more clear. =)

ok i get it now! and my buttons ARE 10x10 lol.

thanks a bunch, and congrats on the 3000!

electrongeek, still no luck! as soon as i make it a button it goes just like before. but when its a graphic it is fine…


Try breaking the image as well, select it and press Ctrl B, if that doesn’t work, select the image and trace bitmap it.

Set the Color Threshold to 1. Minimum area to 1, Curve Fit to Pixels and Corner Threshold to normal.

And if that still doesn’t work, when the image is converted to a symbol, select it and turn the alpha down to 97%.

for such a small arrow, why don’t you use vector graphics in flash? you could get more interactivity, and a lower output size if you used flash’s vector graphics. c’mon now…

but the pencil tool isnt what i need it to be…

eg i will try the breaking thing, but then the second part i was like, huh? lol i dont use flash to much anymore


EG! haha i got it! i just traced it like you said! its a little blurry but i will fool around with some of the settings. thanks a bunch!