Flash MX Rollover Icons

hey, disneyland!!

I think?

ok i have that down now i need this scrolling thing.

Working on a fla. Brb…

Let me know if this is what you meant. If it is you’ll have to add another variable so that the images dont just restart all the time every time the mouse is moved over the circle button.

I’m sure there are many better ways of doing it but this is one way.

theres nothing there

? Nothing in the zip or the fla?

zip and fla

Try this

can you do it so that when you take the mouse off it stops where its at?

One sec - just making the first one an easier way… I’ll post in a sec.

You mean like this. That’s very simple to do using motion tweening. I used the other way because I’m to used to making things move in game. It’s not a suitable way for this don’t think.

YES! Exactly like that!
Wait. Why does it stop at the edge

Try this.

thats good.
is there a way to make it go all the way off the edge

Hmmm, Don’t want much do you?..:cool:

It does go off the edge. Press CTRL+F12 to test in your browser.

The movie clip of images sits at x 700 and finishes at - 100 then resets and stops a x 700 again. But only plays on roll over and stops on roll out.

I don’t understand by “off the edge”.

how big should my screen be if it is to go off the edge.
Also, how do i know what to do? i want to be able to do that!

Whats the width of your movie?


It should work. The fla file has the same dimensions. Are your sure you’re viewing in the browser? CTRL+F12?