Golf Logo Critique

Hi Guys!

I am designing a logo for a golf tip website and am a little stuck on the font choice and overall design. I have attached a mockup of the different options I have at this point with the respective font choices I have narrowed it down to. I was hoping you guys could give me feedback on which design you like the most at this early stage.

If you have any suggestions for another font choice please let me know. I would like to use the same font for the logo as the headlines and navigation within the site itself.

Also, there are several alternate layouts which I included. Since the domain name is three words, I am struggling to create a logo to incorporate the three words while maintaining continuity. Thus, if you have any input on a better way to layout the logo please let me know.

Along those same lines, as you can see most if not all of the fonts were used in their black or extra black weight. If you have any other suggestions as to a font or a font weight please let me know.

Moreover, since I have already expanded the scope of the inquiry, if you have any other suggestions on the color scheme of the logo or as well as the golfer logo itself please let me know. My goal was simplicity, and thus I did not add any gradients or the like to the golfer logo but if anyone thinks it would help it would me much appreciated.

I like A6 or B1

Thanks for the input, it’s much appreciated. What do you guys think about the golfer guy logo. I was trying to be very simple, but it may be too simple and a bit trite. Any input on that would be much helpful. Thanks in advance!

really the golfer guy is what I like the most.

B2 … nuff said.

B1 or B2, golfer guy looks great.

B1 - the “archive” is most easily read on that one.

Golfer guy looks good, but the knees don’t seem to fit quite right (looks like one pixel off to the right), and the club looks one pixel to far to the left.

A3 and B3

Although A3 with B1 would be pretty nice.

seems nuff to professional

:slight_smile: mabe you can use other font

B1 & B3 are the best IMHO.
I like the difference b2in the 2 greens and the way the 2 phrases stand

Bee Won

b1 or a6


B1 and B2.

The golfer guy in B1 seems to be kinda different. I dont know I think some pixels are off…

a6 & b2;)

B1 for me

Wow, all this input is amazing and helpful. Thanks guys!