Gun that I made, still needs to be skinned

What do you guys think?
It might take a while to load, it’s a big file.
It should load much faster, I put it on a different server.

Man, this is taking long… :smiley:

:whistle: La la la la la la la :whistle:

Not coming… noooooooot coming…


Jezus, how big is the file? :h:

I’ve been waiting for like a whole minute now on DSL and I still don’t see squat :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: 4 minutes now…

Sorry, but I had to delete that image. It’s way too big.

funny… I waited, and it loaded half the image, then went red X, then refreshed window, then BAM, full image :stuck_out_tongue:

then gone :frowning:

Ok, I fixed it (I think.)

Yup, that’s better =)

Yep, works fine now.

That’s one funky gun you’ve got there :wink:

**EDIT: ow, and it eventually did load :beam: (the first big one)

Wasn’t that a tutorial for 3dsmax?

Anyways, great work, obviously it’s not completed, but your on your way!

Yeah it was a tutorial for Max. I plan on making a gun without a tutorial some time today.

…looks like a paint ball gun.

…looks like one of those nerf guns

Might wanna try out that MeshSmooth modifier. :wink:

too geometric, if you know what i mean…try to make it more “real”.

Thanks for all of the comments! I’m new to 3ds Max so I don’t know how to fix some of the things, but I will be sure to remember some of the stuff you guys (and gals) told me.