I dislike school

I got accepted to 2 programs, one at Humber College and Seneca College. I chose Seneca College (for some reason) and I found out that the program is pure c.rap! So I just dropped out. So now, I’m a college drop - out. Thank god I got my money back.

Now I’m shopping around for schools. And there are some career colleges downtown (Toronto) and I have an “interview” type thing tommorow at IAOD, but I asked her what the tuition is… she says 14 000 +! That’s the price of a small car! I think she must be whacked. Becuase my friend is going there, and he said last year he payed $8,000 or something, and it was a 3D animation program.

So now im sh!t out of luck. Unless I go back to a college in January … but I would rather go to one of these career colleges then a big ***** school again.

Any advice / opinions?