Alright folks, another problem i’m facing and wondering what you think. I was friends with someone named Adeen. He was my best friend, and i would always hang out with him. I would go to his house like everyday, and we were best buds at school. One time when i was at his house, we were playing a game where me, his siter, and i beet the s*** out of him. So eventually we hurt him so bad he starts crying, and we run from him, thinking he will kill us. He thought the game was real. So we made a run for his brother’s room and hide. He come pounding over to the room demanding to come in. Eventually, he got in, tears running down his face, a knife in his hand. All 3 of us gasped, and he started screaming at us; espedcially me. We eventually sorted things out, and i left. The next day, we had art class, and he treated me like his slave. Over the next couple of days, we began to really dislike each other. And in the next week, we weren’t friends any more. I was really sad, but pleasent. I dint want to be friends with someone that would danger me, even though he said he didn’t mean it. And now that i think about i want to see if i could patch things up. And i wondering if u guys could tell me whether ot not i should, and if so what shoud i say. Thanks evrybody, i know i can count on you!