Well this is the tutorial site I have been working on. Tell me what you think, are there any bug etc.

Oh yeah the site was made for IE6, in a few weeks though I will be reviewing the CSS so that the site looks a little better in Mozilla, Netscape and Firefox.

Thank you for your time.

next time include one of these: :wink:


Anyway, looks nice, clean, very simple, easy to read and navigate, seems like it would be dial-up friendly, all good for a tut site. I didnt notice any problems off the bat, but I didnt check it extensively.


Well I’m using dial-up, I think on average it loads in 7 seconds or under.

Thanks for the link as well :slight_smile:

Its a good start for tutorials, but your top header its a bit empty, so u need something going on up there, closing bar should be darker maybe black to be more visible…and logo its a bit too close to internettinyawards, other then that its a good start!

would be better if u add some pictures of applications interface…like how to transform!

mrmass i don’t understand what u mean by the black bar, u mean on the nav or somewhere else on the site? Apart from the internet tiny awards logo also being a triangle there are really no similarities.

gnr - these tutorials are meant for intermediate users or at least users with some knowledge of the software so for that reason there are no screen shots for the transform tool (Ctrl + T).

Keep them coming

all the way down allrightsreserved…maybe a darker tone of the gray :slight_smile: I know that the logo of tiny its very different but it just reminded me for a second :slight_smile: didnt mean to say u copy it…keep it man its ok!


ok mrmass i made it slighlty darker now:). I experiemnted for a while but it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb is it goes any more darker.

Roll up - Roll up - whos comments are next??:slight_smile:

what about the top header…doesnt feel empty a bit :slight_smile: I know u can make a nice tutorial montage…common man :hugegrin:

mrmass is back and taking me apart here :). I don’t really know what u mean cos I’m not that graphically skilled, I mean I’m good in Photoshop but I don’t have any vision :).

Give me a clue what you mean obviously i know what a montage is…

just litlle something :slight_smile: :pope: I’ll send u psd if u like it :slight_smile:

I like the simplicity of the design at the moment besides the rest of the site design isn’t exactly jaw-dropping. But thanks anyways:)

More comments needed to keep me sane.

here u go

thanks mrmass but i think i’m gonna leave it as it is. There will be future versions so it will evolve…hopefully :slight_smile:

Come on people give me more!!!

any more???

I think you need a Switch & Case tut for Cold Fusion.

If I get a free moment I’ll write it for you.

Otherwise things are looking good. It’s a great start.

thanks ethan, i’ll look into that

thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

I said transform for an example… if u put some screenshot then viewer will learn more, read less. good for them na? I think i know a lil bit more than or equal to intermediate (photoshop) users and i read one of ur tutorials that i didnt understand cause photoshop wasnt installed in this os.

I love it, some great tutorials in there too.