I know its the wrong forum, but I’m posting here cuz I know that most new people here are afraid of the Random Forum, and I don’t really want to release to the general public.

It has changed greatly since the last time I posted on the old forums…For some reason my Text wasn’t loading for me, but don’t mind that, its not a big deal. I’m still trying to get content up…eventually I will have a lot of crap on there, but I’m working slowly cuz the owner pissed me off…so we are a little out of sorts at the moment…

Any comments?

PS- Don’t mind the blue background, and eventually it will be in a chromeless window…

Hey Jubby,
I have to tell you: the loading time is really painful. It’s just too long (the speed of my connexion isn’t steady, so maybe that’s why, but still…). And I clicked on the first button in your menu, the bkg loaded to 99% and stopped. :frowning:

pom :asian:

you’re on a dial-up aren’t you Pom? Yes, I know the backgrounds are big as far as file size goes…thats why I decided to load them in seperately. They are as compressed as they can get…they aren’t too large, but this website is pretty much for people who only have broadband connections… This site will kill a dial-up connection…

Nope. ADSL. But as shared as it can get, so maybe there are a lot of people connected right now.

Other than that, it’s quite nice. And I like the menu, even though I don’t really see why it has to be hidden… Are you getting paid for this?:slight_smile:

pom :asian:

yeah I have the menu out while the site is loading up, and then I hide it. maybe I should have it peak out every now and then…

Pom: Its hidden because thats what the owner wanted.

dam…i dont know what to say :nerd:

now i remember…i clicked a link and it starts DOWNLOADING AGAIN! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH anyways, i wanted to know how you come up with a new web design everytime you make a new site. someone told me to stare at the wall until an idea hits you but that isn’t working so i stopped doing that after a while. my plans to take over the world arent going as smoothly as i had planned so any suggestions on how to speed up the proccess will be appreciated. anyways…i’m looking to this site and its downloading from 0% again… :frowning: