Lynda software and books

Hey guys!
most of you flash gurus might already know how amazing’s software and books are… I have the flash 5 ones but I was wondering if any of you know when the mx versions of the books and the software will be released— the flash book is so expensive that i would rather spend the money on the mx edition

if you are a lynda enthusiast please write back!! :slight_smile:

If you don’t think Lynda is the greatest, can you tell me which book has helped you the most in learning flash??

ahhh, books again. I will not voice my strong opinions against books, however, I will say this: I am not a Lynda enthusiast, and I found that the best book for teach advanced actionscript is “Flash Math Creativity”. I love it. I curl up next to it at night, I tell it stories…

!!! math??? lol
how can you curl up to any book that has the word “Math” on it?? <<shrugs>> :slight_smile:

I do like the lynda stuff because they also have quicktime movies and stuff and i think it’s a good way to learn… besides the math hell (LOL) what did u find the fastest and most effective way to learn Flash?

1/ Use it.
2/Download all the flas from Flashkit and try to understand the scripting.
3/All friends of ED books
4/This place :slight_smile:

Man of few words, Eyez. I like that. The next thing you’ll know, he’ll be speaking in Actionscript.

 Eyez = new Array ();
Eyez["Opinion"] = ["Friends of Ed is great !","Flash Math is so cool !!"] ;
trace ("This is my answer : ") ;
for (i=0;i<Eyez["Opinion"].length;i++) {
    trace (Eyez["Opinion"][ i]);

pom 0] (you can try that code, it works…)

on (posteventRead) {;
} ++ ;
pom 0]

I have heard alot about Lynda’s products, I do feel you can learn so much though just by asking around. Also cause Eyez and Pom live in the same country I think that one of them should organize a summertime BBQ! Hell I really don’t know anyone on the boards who’s from the uk… let’s get a party started uk flashers :wink:

Now that’s an idea !!

pom 0]

And only Simon shows up to that party…

wait… pom?
where do i put that code you wrote?? :frowning: i’m confused! :frowning:

also, how do you make the different faces???

Open an empty movie, and put the code in the first frame of the movie. Tadaaa !
pom 0]

Lol pom… I figured it out… and… math is NOT cool…
you guys are such math geeks hehehehehe jk :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

who loves to write essays very much so there! :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the online subscription classes ($25 a month). It has access to almost everything.

The Flash one is excellent because it’s like a walkthrough of a site. In fact, I’ll just pick and choose what I want to learn and apply it to a current project.

The other program tutorials aren’t as good but they are a great resource. I’d love to see a DreamWeaver tutorial (rather than a “this does this and that does that”).

Out of the six or seven books I have, I’ve learned more through the classes. Plus you can just quit in one month and $25 is way cheaper than a $300-or-so set of CDs.


LOL!! yeah i was interested in checking out the online lynda classes but i didn’t know if:

  1. you got the same stuff as the CDs
  2. you could save the movies… (could u??)

I do have the Lynda intermediate dreamweaver and it’s ok, however the lady’s voice gets on my nerves!!

And about the online classes, do you by any chance have updates on when the Mx and photoshop 7 versions of the CDRoms and books are coming out??


hey what happened to that party? I’m trying to get it organised, anyone from the uk in here? :wink: