What do you recommend me?

Hi everybody!!!
I’m almost finishing macromedia flash mx training from the source, so what book do you recommend me to buy now?? i’m specially interested in math, grids, and all that cool effects you can do with actionscript, so what book do you recommend me??

Flash Math Creativity by the Friends of Ed

also MX studio by the same people… AWESOME people those friends of ed! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have both books… theyve taught, and inspired me very much! ENJOY!


I have actually never had the pleasure of reading them, or even seeing them, but I have heard excellent things about it from everyone that has read it.

Lost you should get them, or at least Math Creativity… great, but you know that!! :o :slight_smile:

I want to soooo bad, but I don’t have the money for it right now:*(

I hear that… the two of them ran me about $100 !!! ahhhhhh
:o :o :o … but when you do, DO IT.

Most definitely. I haven’t bought any books to learn Flash yet, and when I do it will DEFINITELY 100% SURELY be a Friends of Ed book. I really want Fresh Flash and Flash Math Creativity. I would get the Math one first because I need major help in that area.

thanks for all your replies, :smiley: I think I know what book to buy, surely a friends of ed !!!