MAC's Give Me Headaches

No lie… I’m sitting here working with my gf’s computer and it is indeed a Macintosh… OS X too!.. And it’s a piece of holy POOP!

I’m sorry all you Macintosh lovers but my god… It sucks assage… It’s suppose to be faster than my PC that I have at home… Somewhere clocking around 2000 mhz or 2 ghz roughly… It has twice as much memory RAM as my computer… And a better internet connection.

And my god… It took internet explorer forever to open… And now that I have this open… Because of MAC’s wonderful interface cough… I can barely open another 2 more windows or programs before it says that I don’t have enough memory to perform this action… wtf is this bullcrap… I didn’t even see that on my old Macintosh LCIII… And it was a piece of crap then… But it could at least handle 3 programs being open at the same time.

UGH!.. Sorry… Now that I’m done venting… How’s eveyone doing? I’m gonna do the real test on this computer someday and place Warcraft III on here… that’ll be the real test then… :slight_smile: hehe…

Peace Out… (done rambling)
playamarz :player:



Really??? rotflmao :crazy:




Du you use AMD ? if so then :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like you’d quite like this